Bullet is moving

When I press A or D , the character and the Pistol will be flipped.
My bullets will change the direction and will be flipped when I press A or D, I dont want that!
What to do?
I prefer to use the pistol or character flip

That’s because when pistol is flipped only bullet change the direction etc. Put events 3 under event 2 where when space key is pressed is. Event 4 can’t be in the same slot as event 3, so copy event 1 under event 2 to under event 2 and put event 4 in it. SoThere should be 2 almost same events under event 2. Sorry my bad explanation. I made picture for you, those which way bullet goes might be wrong, but you can fix that change the angle 180 or 360 :slight_smile:

I understand this
Dont work, the Bullet dont move when the force is under create, when the force is the first action, the bullet will move with 5 pixels when i only press Space

Sorry my bad! The timer “pistoltimer” should be with events where bullet is created and bullet get force! If that’s not working I think you should play with variables. If I wasn’t so hurry, I would help better!

Dont work…

Have you set the damping of the force to 1 (and put it under the create action).

This works.
Edit. You can also flip the bullet and forget that “do the angle of bullet” thing.

Yup, Thanks @Jubeliuksen3 and @victor
I put wrong angles on force,
Worked victor’s method, with damping 1
@Jubeliuksen3 you helped me to make a the code better.