Bullet not originating from required point

Hi I’m trying to make a prototype shooter game.
I looked at examples and tried it but I can’t seem to get to originate bullet at the tip of the player. How do I solve this. This is my logic

Do you have the points set up in the sprite object?

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No I think. What does that mean.Please explain it to me.

You have to edit the origin points of your ship.
Double click your ship in objects list and click “edit points”

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I tried it didn’t work. Is there another way?

What position you want the laser spawn? set this position in origin points of your ship, and modify the action to "cretae lase in ship.X();ship.Y()

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Can’t set origin point, it’s not allowing me. It’s only allowing me to set centre. How do I do it?

I did what you told , but bullet still originates in some other position rather that at tip of the ship.

Maybe you need change bullet settings as well.

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If you upload the file somewhere and provide the link to download, it will be easier.

Hi it’s working but bullet doesn’t work at certain angles. Thanks you got me this far. How do I go further?

If you still need help with the bullet or you need another way try this.

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I got it but I can’t reduce the sprite size(bullet size is large).How do I reduce the size of the bullet?

In piskel sprite editor right side, under the cog button there’s a button with an arrow pointing top right.

I got it but I’m having problems resizing. It cuts the image in half. Please help.

Check Mantain aspect ratio and Resize canvas content.

Hi It’s messing up image quality and spite disappears if I want it the desirable size.

What size it is and what size you are scaling it to?

1000, 3960 to 100,396

wow!! so huge. That’s why its messing up. It works good with size up to 1024.
Better you delete it and make another sprite. Have you imported that sprite into Gdevelop or you made it in Gdevelop?