Bullet return...

Hello everyone. :smiley: I have problem here. Why my bullet is shot out and I flipped my turret to shot my left side’s enemy, bullets(right side) were return and shot to left side… :confused:

I’m not completely clear what the problem is, but I think it’s caused by the order of actions in subevent 2. You have an action to apply a force to a bullet, but you only create a new bullet in the next step, so the force is applied to a previously created bullet instead. If you swap around the create bullet step and the apply force to bullet step, that may solve it.

Also, add the condition “Turret is NOT horizontally flipped” in the first sub-event, otherwise, if the turret is flipped you’ll create two bullets. To invert the condition use a checkbox at the bottom of the condition dialog :slight_smile:

Thanks MattLB & Lizard-13. :smiley: