Bullet shoot point moves when player moves, how do I fix it?

Its quite hard to describe in words, but the shooting point moves along when player moves, faster than the player too. When I walk forwards the point eventually goes offscreen. There is also a problem with the set point for where the bullet shoots as well, as the bullets appear in a completely different location than where I set the points to.

Why do you have different bullet point names? If you use the same name, then you don’t have to worry whether the player is idle or moving.

Are you using layers and scrolling, and is the player on a different layer to the base layer?

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I assumed that one of the problems I was having with how the bullets were showing up at different places was because they previously shared the same bullet point names, so I gave them separate names in hopes of fixing it.

Fortunately, within the last 30 minutes of uploading this I managed to fix it by caveman trying out how other people made their shooting functions and recreating the errors they made to then recreate the successful outcomes they had.

I’m currently using this for my shooting mechanic and it works fine, just missing the events to allow it to shoot the opposite way.