Bullet timer problem with multiple instances of an object

hello I have an enemy beet that creates bullets using a timer but whenever there is multiple instances of the enemy the bullet timer is out of sync for some of the enemies. each enemy is supposed to shoot 3 bullets at a time but some only shoot 2 bullets instead?


bullet events

enemy spawn event

If you have multiple enemies, you’re going to have to check multiple timers.

Try wrapping the logic in a FOR EACH (enemy) before you check the timer :slight_smile:

I tried for each beet before the beet timer but that didn’t work.

Hey guys, I wanna help you but I can’t even understand how this code shoots three bullets. :smiley: Isn’t the code supposed to reset timer after shooting each bullet so that it can shoot again?

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I think you have some fundamental issues with that logic. From what I understand, you want each enemy (beet) to fire 3 projectiles with an offset of 28 pixels. Something like the below?

I think a simple solution would be to use just a single scene timer, the repeat function and store the offsets in a scene variable.

  • The scene variable beets_fire_bullets could be anything really, a boolean, if the enemy is on screen, if they’re X distance from the player.
  • The fire_bullet timer is the cooldown between each time the enemy can fire.
  • We initialize the _bullet_offset of the variable before we run the repeat action, otherwise the second, third, etc loop would start at the last offset not 0.
  • We use the repeat function as we want all the bullets to come out at once. At the end of the repeat function we need to add to the Y offset for the bullets creation.
  • Finally reset the timer outside the repeat, otherwise we would call that timer reset 3 times.

Edit: When initlizing the _bullet_offset, it would be better to have it before/above the FOR EACH loop as we’re initializing it for each enemy when we really only need to do it once. Slight oversight on my side :sweat_smile:


thanks for making an example I did your solution and it works but how do I have each beet fire every 2 sec when the beet is created so they fire at different intervals not all at once?

NOTE I figured out why my events are not working because the beet spawn timer was less than beet bullet timer reset :sweat:

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You’re going to need to use object timers and not a scene timer. That way each object runs on it’s own timer and can shoot independently.