Bullets behind background

hi guys , when i fire my bullets and they hit things it all works perfect but as soon as i add a back ground the bullets are behind it and there higher z then them but for somereason they stay behind i cant see them ? any ideas why and thank you

You need to have a higher z order for bullets but it seems that you’ve set a higher z order for the background

The object with the minimum Z-order is displayed first, and then the rest. So make sure that the background has the minimum Z-order among all the objects.

yeah i thought that too but the z order for background is 1 but yet the bullets still appear behind it :confused: im confused

when i put the bullet itself on the screen its infront but as soon as i run the game its behind

Try giving the background a minimum Z-order using actions in the Event Editor at the beginning of the scene.

Search up for the Z-order modifying feature. It’s easy to find :wink:

Also, when you are creating the bullet objects, you can use an action to specify the Z-order explicitly:

think i figured it out , i set it to start of scene minus 10 on background and did the trick thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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I’m glad I could help :smiley:

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its my first day on here and this application lol so trying to figure it all out :smiley: