Button is doesn’t working

so i’ve got a new problems here, i want to add an “upgrade” button for my clicker game and here’s a problem that this button is doesn’t ?clickable?, like, the button is does nothing (have no reaction to touch in particular, like animation, “upgrade” functionality)
someone please explain what i can do with it.


The code seems correct, so there must be something in the upgrage1 conditions.

One thing came to my mind: the animation names are case sensitive. Check that Upgrade button’s default animation is called “one”, instead of “One” (or something). If its name is “One”, the condition 'Animation = “one” ’ doesn’t fulfill.

so, the problem is just in animation ? is it would working if i change it ? because i really don’t know whats wrong ((

Why you need the animation part i mean what is it doing? because the button panel sprite will change the animation of button

i think removing the animation part will remove the problem

hope i am not getting it wrong

alr (( it’s just my homework, my teacher told me to do an animation of all buttons and sprites. i think y’all right so i’ll just remove the animation. thanks :pray:

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