Button on toolbar to open variable window

I mean this variable window
Which includes tab for scene and global variables

To have its dedicated button on both scene editor toolbar and event sheet toolbar

I think we should have button for easy access to open that variable window list where we can manage both scene and global variables

I think there is no sense to have them separated from each other
Like right now we access global variables from project manager panel which we 1st need to open
And scene variables by right clicking somewhere on scene editor choosing open scene properties then edit scene variables
Or we can hit this button in upper right in scene editor tab

And then we need to hit edit scene variables
Where in events sheet there is no such button

So why not have one button that is always there
Both in scene editor tab and events sheet tab on toolbar
Which would open that window i mentioned at beginning of this post


There is a keyboard shortcut so if you hit v it opens scene variables and you can also assign a shortcut to global, I use b. I’m not mentioning this here to say they shouldn’t create a button, because I know a lot of people prefer using buttons. I’m only mentioning it here so the devs don’t think that no one uses the keyboard shortcuts and take them out.

For a combined page with scene and global variables in different tabs, the behavior I would expect from the keyboard shortcuts would be that the shortcut for scene variables would open that page with the scene variable tab in the foreground, and the shortcut for global variables would open that page with the global variable tab in the foreground. I would not want just one keyboard shortcut that opened the variable page because then I would have to click a tab to put which one I wanted in the foreground. Such as the shortcuts for object variables, object effects, object behavior etc all open the same page of the object you select, but with the selected tab in the foreground.

Personally I think the shortcuts to open object variables etc could be operational even if you are in other tabs like Scene (Events), and not just on the scene editor page.

Problem with your suggestion is that you need to also consider mobile app users

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I didn’t have a suggestion, I was just commenting to the devs about the behavior I would expect from the keyboard shortcuts if they combine global and scene variables into one page as you suggest.

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Then i did get you wrong
And i think you should make feature request about it
Since we are asked to make one feature request per topic

I already use hotkeys for adding new event disabling and inverting events
So i could see how your idea would come in handy to streamline workflow not only for me but also for others

I think its deserve its own topic
Not to mention i also believe object var selection should be included there
But maybe one step at a time

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