Button size on share/export window

I think i will nitpick here
But really i believe generate link and update my current page buttons
Are very very small
For no reason

1st we have 5 big buttons here

In dead center
And then we see very tiny buttons

In my eyes they at least look very small idk why i did measure them
They are exact same size as cancel button

But i still see them as tiny

Why not make them a little bigger?

I mean look at that whole empty space right there waiting to be filled

I agree that they are a bit small, but I think they went for consistency. When you are exporting the game as .exe or .apk there is no empty space. It is filled with info such as warnings, multiple choices menus, how many builds you have left and so on.

I believe if create package button would be as big as red frame i made it would still fit perfectly fine

Well could be smaller but i still see plenty of room there

Just for context:

From a UI design perspective you normally don’t
want to change your button standards regardless of the screen whitespace(open area). If everywhere else buttons conform to that text size/shape, then it should remain so here. This is because a lot of folks recognize shapes for context before they read, so having buttons all feel “similar” helps navigation.

They’re keeping the window a same size as well to make it resize uniformly on different displays.

Again, the above is just for context on why it is likely the way it is, not any judgment on whether a change should be made.

I agree with you from UI designer perspective
Hard to even begin to argue here

I do not agree with you as a consumer
Here i see 2 big buttons to click

And on next screen i see something that resemble that two buttons
And new button to click which in eyes of consumer is smaller than previous ones

Again as UI designer i am 100% on par with your argument
Because it would make next to no sense to change button size across UI

From consumer perspective which is just here to use the product
And do not understand much about UI designing but only experiencing said product
I see inconsistency between size of something i could click in previous window
VS size of something i can click in next window

And in the end
UI should not make sense for UI designers (NOT meaning person who made it but people who understand how UI designing should be done)
But for consumers who care only about with what they can interact and where