Calling a Variable by another Variable

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to change a Variable using a string inside another Variable as is name, instead of writing it, so that I can choose which Variable change simply changing the String Variable!

Instead of:
“Change the Variable(ABC): add 1”,

Something like:
“Change the Variable(“StringName”): add 1” - where “StringName” it’s the name of a String Variable that contain the name of the Variable that I want to change “ABC”!

I hope that It’s clear!

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Wonderful! I have tested it and it seems to be the solution for my problem but just to be sure, are you saying that:

“GlobalVariable(A[VariableString(string)].C)” is the same as writing:

“GlobalVariable(A.B.C)”, where “string” is B?

that is correct, yes.

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Thanks a lot! :smiley: