Calling All Creative Minds: Design Your Own Character Skins for My Game

Hey @Shark_Chum, welcome back! :laughing:

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Thanks, lol. :)))))))))))

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I would love to see an Eredin skin ingame! :scream:

Name: EreDol
Caption: Kang of the Wold Hont

His ability could be frost-based (create temporary platforms), or teleportation-based.

I’d draw the skin myself if I could, but I’m Far too busy at the moment. :sweat_smile:
(Loner could require upwards of 1000+ drawings to complete! :face_with_spiral_eyes:)

I have never watched/played Witcher (?), so I dunno…
Also, keep up the good work with Loner, and, most importantly, don’t get discouraged.

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Also, so far the abilities finished are:
Lloyd: Spinjitsu
Link (hero): Bullet time
Inusitatus: Shockwave
The following abilities are either not finished or not final:
Arin: Spinjitsu
Shark Chum: Forward dash
Among us guy: Vent
Btw @Fyrebrand_Gareth , what should Loner’s ability be?

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Originally, I wanted to give Loner (a parkour athlete) a directional dash.

Since ChumDol gets to forward dash, maybe I get an upwards jump instead? (where he just abruptly launches upwards :rofl:)
@Inusitatus could make LonerDol do a frontflip if that’s possible.
It would be cool if he can jump midair, though I’m not sure if that would be too strong.

Or maybe LonerDol could catapult himself like a slingshot.

When using his ability, the player would hold a button & drag the mouse back.
When the button is released, LonerDol gets launched in the opposite direction! :rofl:

Have you played Skyrim & Dishonored?
Maybe you could make a Dragonborn & a Corvo skin?

AvaDol (Avatar) could get an Avatar State ability, where he can levitate for short time. For this though, you might need to make a version of his Dol where his eyes & arrow glow.
(Personally, I think he should be renamed to ‘AangDol’. :man_shrugging:)

Btw, I LOVE this project SO much :heart_eyes:!
So much room for creativity!

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Hey @Fyrebrand_Gareth!, No I have played neither of those. And for the avadol, good idea with the avatar state, I’m fixing to finish my first enemy ai, and imma give each ability a cool down so you can’t beat the level in 5 seconds. Also, I will rename him!

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That’s so exciting :laughing:! Can’t wait to face it :smiling_imp:!


I made another topic for feature requests, game update announcements, and bug reports.

You can still use this topic for skins.