Camera Follow Direction

Hello there, I am new in this community. I want to create a camera movement that follow object as if it is the object (almost like fps) but it is not fps because I only want the camera also turn right when the object turn right (but the object full image can still be seen on the screen).

Is it doable or no hope? I am a real beginner but I have something that I want to accomplish. I could not find out how after messing up with the camera a lot of times. TT

i am not sure what you mean, if you want the player to be stationary and rotate the world around the player, i did try that concept

check it out

No, it is not like that. I have a top down character. Imagine this Kevin can move top down left right. In order to play this game, the player must follow an instruction such as “turn left to go to zoo”. My problem is I cannot rotate the camera to the left when the character is turning left. I want to create a real experience for my students so that they can differentiate turning left and right.

i still dont get it.
i think you want to rotate the world, but only in 90 degree steps and only on crossroads?

yes only in 90 degrees n on the roads

so, yes, yes like that. here is a version with your desired restrictions…

you still have to build walls, the player cannot pass throu.

Thank you so much!!! Im really sorry for troubling you.