Camera issue?

Has anyone been experiencing camera issues (In HTML5) With windows 10? I keep getting strange results, and can’t seem to get it right. (Except by removing a few resources that doesn’t even have events!) I’d post my file, but it wouldn’t seem to upload :angry: Any help is appreciated as now my game is stuck on hold…

First, if there is a problem with HTML5 games, this is not related to the OS.
What are the strange results you’re seeing ?

Can’t find any problem with cameras and HTML5 games. You should upload your project to a dropbox and send it to us describing the problem :slight_smile:

(Removed link for security purposes)
Hmm I hope I did that right. I’ve never used dropbox before.

The problem is caused by the cam1/2/3.png files. There are these files in the “Resources_” folder (the “camera indicators”) but also in the “Resources_/Cameras”. They have a different path (and ones have a name in lowercase and the others in uppercase), but, as GDevelop copies all of them inside a single folder for preview, their name “collides” when web browsers tries to load one of them (cam1.png and CAM1.png are the same for webbrowser). So, this causes the “bug” in the HTML preview. You need to rename some of these files to fix the issue.

I don’t speak french, and google can’t translate perfect :neutral_face:
But I assume I messed up the folder structure? (Darn I thought it was organized)
Or I need to rename a few things? Sorry if I misunderstood :frowning:

Sorry, I thought it was a french topic :laughing:
I’ve rewritten my previous message in english.

Oh now I get it. I suppose I’ll keep that in mind (Double names are a bad idea) Thanks a bunch! I had no idea what was going on :smiley:

I’ll try to see what we can do in GDevelop to avoid “name collisions” when, previewing / exporting HTML5 games so that users can have multiple images with the same name but with a different resource name (the name of the picture in the image bank).

That would be a nice feature for keeping the order of things. (Or maybe I just organize things weird and nobody would name something twice) But everything appears to be running smooth now.