Camera not following

Hey guys, im so sorry to ask for help for this little problem i have.
Im coming from construct and wanted to test out Gdevelop.

Im simply trying to scroll to my player Y position and i basicly know how to archieve this, but i dont know what im missing. The player sprite has the physics behaviour, so its supposed to fall and the camera should follow it on the y axis.

so neither with the condition " at beginning of scene, always and blank" > change y position of camera() on layer() set to player.y() works.

The smooth camera behaviour doesnt do the trick either.

Is there something like “unbound scrolling” to check before this works?

Every settings so far, except the viewport size, are default, so nothing is change there.

HI @SassiX ,
hoping to understand your problem, I suggest you two solutions.
you can make it handly:

or use the extansion:


So just for clarification, do i always have to center the camera to a specific object/location if i want to track it ?

Well the example video posted above is showing lerp, not center camera on an object. So I will say center camera on object is not the only way to track it. Lerp to me looks much different than center because center is just always on an object it doesn’t follow it.

Blank should work. So what is your result doing? Is the player falling and disappears from view and now you are looking at a blank screen or background?

A falling object with a camera centered on it and no reference points like background speeding by would look like a stationary object.

HI @SassiX ,
if you don’t need to smooth, you can insert, a row:
condition: nothing
action: position of the camera is the same as player position.
If you prefer create an elegant movement, follow he tutorial.

sorry i actually meant if i have to center the camera to obj x FIRST, before i start tracking it.
I finaly got it working now, i dont know why it didnt worked. The object just fell out of the viewport, i dont know why it didnt work all the time, then all of the sudden it did.

Thanks for the help, as soon as i know how stuff needs to put together, i can use my knowledge from Construct.

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If the object just fell off the screen, it’ll be because the update of the camera position wasn’t being performed. Ideally you want to set the camera position in an unconditional event at the end of the event sheet.