Camera not uncentered on the player on porpouse

(My english is not perfect so I apologize in advance if there is any typo)

Im currently trying to create a camera that follows the player, but only if he move certain distance from the center of the screen I have thinked of a few posible solutions but doesnt know how to implement them.

Maybe create a object that slowly follows the player and them center the camera in that object

the problem with this is that if I made it using “add force of movement to” them it will pass by the player , and them come back and fort till it “stop” (it never does stop, it remains moving as it is always trying to reach the center with too much force)

the other problem is if the player is going too fast, it will leave behind, There are speedboost and long falling involved

Again a solution for this will be making the object like a box trapping the player so when the player collides with the walls on the inside the object moves along, my problem is that i dont know how to do this since the collision box can not be void, or can they?

As most of the times there must be a stupid simple and easy solution to this, just thtat I dont know, so please, help?

You don’t really need a box, just compare the camera position with the player position, like:

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Hey, sorry for the lack of response. I made a video tutorial here for you, hope it answers your question! How to make an uncentered camera | GDevelop 5 tutorial - YouTube

Scene download is in the description.