Camera not working properly + incorrect Tiled sprites collisions

Hello everyone ^^

Sorry to be a bit of a pest with my questions , but i’ve encontered another problem again with my platformer…

So i tried adding a camera like in one the tutorials from the Wiki : Follow the player with the camera [GDevelop wiki]

But here’s the thing…
The player is barely followed (in fact they go off screen if they’re too fast) , but also the collision’s all weird. , like , it’s not following the platforms sprites !


I don’t know why this is happening since the tiled sprites are put with the platforms behaviors.
I’m kinda lost…

And if you’re wondering what i put (since last time , a bunch of friendly folks helped me alot with my inexperience) , this is what the behaviors are like.

Before that , i’ve put an event group and it did the same thing…

It would be alot of help if anyone has an answer , or answers , it would be awesome !
(BTW I might not reply fast because i’ve been busy with some personal things , but i’ll get back at you as fast as i can !)

Thank you for reading so far ^^’

Numerous potential issues here:

  1. Whenever you use “Set animation” or “Change number of animation” events, you should use the “Trigger once” condition, otherwise the animation can reset every frame.
  2. You should always populate all parameters in an event, even if the defaults will apply. This allows you to more easily change those parameters in the future if you need to. This means your layer should be set to “” and your camera should be set to 0.
  3. Do you have your tiles on a different layer? If so, you’ll also need to center the camera of that layer, too. Each layer has a unique camera for the visuals (although all actual positions are constant, the visuals are not. So if you have platform behaviors on objects and they’re on a different layer, your player will still run into the platfom but the visuals will be way off)