Camera on player problem

I’m just made my level screen bigger to add more platforms, and I’m stuck. I tried searching for a similar problem here, but I cant find any that helps. There is two things i need help on.

  1. I put the platforms, in the image, on the bottom of the camera view for the ground, but It seems like they are floating. Is that normal, or did I do something wrong?
  2. I want to zoom in on the player. The camera is following the movement, but it’s too far back.

post screenshots please.

Sorry about that.
I should’ve edited it, but I figured it out.

Actually, I had a separate question that I was stuck on.

How can I get my character to look like he’s standing on the slope more naturally.

I think you need to create another animation for moving in the ramp.

Ok. Thats what I thought. Thanks

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