Camera / Parallax Scrolling Trouble? (SOLVED)

hello, i really like the effect of the parallax scrolling of the background of the game, and it works great when the player is going left to right, however, when the player tries to go up or down the camera simply does not follow? i’m guessing the x axis is horizontal left to right, but the vertical axis i’m not sure how to get working through actions.

also is there a better set up for background parallax scrolling where the player can move all the way to the right or left of the screen, currently the entire level keeps the player in the center of the screen?

thank you in advance!

i’ve been able to solve most of the moving to the ends of the screen, by setting, center camera with limits. the only problem i’m having now is i do not want the player to be directly in the center of the screen.

i would like them to appear in the center, left and right, but closer to the bottom (is it possible to center a camera to a point or hit box that appears above the players head? or an easier way?). would like the player to appear on screen something like this:


silver streak helped me discover the answer on discord, i’m posting the events below for anyone who needs help with parallaxing with bottom centering of their players, enjoy!

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Woah!!! Thanks a lot bro, and thanks Silver streak. I had same problem for some time now. :slight_smile: