Camera scroller topdown

hello community,

I’m trying to recreate a current game ‘Vampire Survivors’ movement mechanics - for educational purpose.

So far, I have a Player (center) of the screen. The camera is fixed on player and the background has TopDownMovement behavior - so the floor moves nicely… but to achieve the enemy movement - i have to place them on same layer as floor. somethings not right here.

first bit of video is example of what I’m trying to do. Player looks centre and the movement, i suspect, is the camera - am I right?

second part of video is my project.

Also, my Enemy movement doesn’t update on timer?? :frowning: Not sure why.

Thanks for your time and help,

You should give the player the top down movement and center the camera on the player, then use a stretched tiledsprite background or tile map. If you don’t want to stretch the background and still want it on a different layer. Then you should look into using tiled sprite offsets with movement conditions and expressions. For example:

As for the timer, can you post a screenshot of the events? It’s too blurry in the video to see.

I guess the correct way to achieve this is moving the camera and not the background.

As @weadsy1 wrote, put the top down movement on the player, not the floor, and centre the camera on the player. Don’t move the floor asit makes no sense and you’ll have to move all static objects with the floor. Focus the camera on the player - the floor will scroll as the camera position changes with the player.

Change the video settings to 720. The quality is fine.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that. After 2 seconds the enemy starts moving, as per event. What else were you expecting?