Camera Shake GD5

Hello! I’m searching for a way to make the camera shake for an explosion.
But the thing is… I have my camera centered on my character, and when I used some camera shake example, it just doesnt work right, because my camera is centered on the object. I was like ok, I kind of know why it’s happening like that, so I decided to add some variables

(The main trigger in that example was the variable “cameraShake”, if it is “1” then the screen shakes for short period of time)

So I did…

If cameraShake = 0 then center camera on my object

But that still doesn’t work, the camera stops following my object (Player) and doesn’t even shake.

(If you don’t understand what I wrote above, then just ignore it)

So the question is… how am I able to make the screen/camera shake?

If you have the example, you already know how to do it :blush: we just need to find how to adapt it to your own game.
Feel free to share a screenshot of your events :wink: