Camera Wont Follow Player in Third Person Shooter[Resolved]


I am making a third-person (top-down) shooter mini-game. One severe issue i am facing is that the camera doesnt follow the players as he explores the maps. I have tried both the lerp settings and the center camera on an object settings. But nothing seems to work! Any ideas?

Share a screen snip of your events. We don’t know what you’ve done and will be having a stab in the dark if we tried to help.

I forgot about the whole collision thing and my player was ready with firing gun. But the camera wasn’t following him. So i installed the smooth camera extension, but that too didnt work. Finally I recreated the level from scratch using tiles with predefined colliders but that just results in the player getting stuck in a single place or time!

Here is the stuck screenshot:

I got the tile thing working but still need to test the functionality of the collisions. And the camera is not following the player!

Ok, so how about a screen shot of the events? We can’t tell what going on behind the scene from the game screen-grab.

Here are the externational eventsheets from the game template I am using to build my game:

Is this a free roaming game? If so, why are you limiting the camera:

I overlooked it and have since disabled that particular code line, but the issue still persists!

So where else do you have a center camera on player action?


That first snip is in a beginning of scene event, and is only run once. The second snip just shakes the screen - it doesn’t position the camera on the player

I added a simply center camera on object action and everything was fine. I guess it was pretty stupid of me, actually i didn’t realize that the camera in the beginning of the scene was run just once! Again, thanks