Can anyone help me to fix the text its so blurry

how can i fix this problem i set the text size to 7 to make it perfectly fit in the box but its so blurry

please i need a solution. thanks

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Instead of text object try bitmap text object

You can find tons of free ttf fonts over internet
Better to look for some small font
Convert TTF Font to Bitmap Font

1 - ON LEFT Click Add Font File
2 - ON LEFT Change Font Size to 20-30 (60-80 if it’s NOT Pixel Art)
3 - ON LEFT Change Sharp from 80% to 100%
4 - ON RIGHT Change Color from Black to White
5 - Click Export
6 - Click Save


Thanks @ZeroX4 !
But why this change from black to white?

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In most cases people want white font not black
And after you have font png file you can simply recolor it to whatever you want in any program that supports transparent images

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