Can I breakpoint a line in debug mode?

While in debug mode, is it possible to set a breakpoint and pause the game flow at a particular event? I’d like to check the values of some variables, but can’t see how it can be done in debug mode.

Currently I’m writing the variables out to an onscreen text field. Not ideal, but it works. Any suggestions?

Add an Javascript event and write code below will should pause the game add add a breakpoint.


Open the Developer tools with CTRL+SHIFT+I in your preview.

And for see the value of variables from GD :

//window.runtimeScene = runtimeScene;
var variables = runtimeScene.getVariables();

This is only for scene variables.
Object variables are on object so :


Isn’t that for scene Variables? Wouldn’t you need to use a Variable container instance from RuntimeGame to access the global variables? And why use the internal variables instead of the functions?