Can i change an object from "Sprite" to "Tiled Sprite"?

Hello everyone! Can i change an object from “Sprite” to “Tiled Sprite” on the events window so i can use in as a platform that my player can run on to? When i tried to insert the objects as “Tiled Sprite” i wasn’t able to ajust it’s size and it ended up multiplied. I am attaching an image from the firts steps i did so you have an idea of what i would like to do. As you can understand i am like fish out of water so i would greatefull for any help.
Thank you.


When an object is created you can’t change type of this object.
Best solution is delete it and create it again with the other type.

To protect any events that may be attached to the object type you don’t want, rename it to something else, add your new object and fix your events to be connected to the new object. Then delete the old one.

Sometimes I wish we could change the object type though, especially in situations where you realize that you actually needed a different one (maybe this is more of a thing for people who are new to GD; it happens less for me nowadays) and swapping it out + taking preventative measures to protect any existing events = tediously time consuming.

But I imagine it would be very time consuming to make it possible to swap types as well :sweat_smile:

The problem is that even if they may look similar, they are completely different and the data passed to them too. It’s like having two different calculators with different buttons in different patterns, and while typing the same button pattern on one of them as on the other may work, the result will be incorrect. We would need to map each properties (calculator button) to the one corresponding to the other and ask the user to fill in missing properties, and then map functions (actions + conditions + expressions) and arguments to ones corresponding for the new type. Just creating those maps between each object would be very hard and long, but if we do that then new contributors will be scared to create new objects, as they would need to implement those maps for each other objects. And what about type specific functions that doesn’t have an equivalent for the new type? This seems like a maybe possible task but not something 4ian or any Dev would like to implement as it would be unstable and make everything else harder to maintain just to keep that feature at an unstable state.

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With the perspective you’re using (isometric), you don’t want to apply the Platform behavior to the entire sprite anyway, because then the entire thing will act like one giant block (in your example image, you wouldn’t be able to walk on the road, only go on the edge)

What you really want to do is create some sprite objects with the right behaviors (objects that are single pixel or small square boxes), stretch them to the right size to make the “walls” around your isometric path, and then hide them at the start of the size. Look at the Isometric game example for some ideas of how this is done.

Thank you all for replying. I thought i would probably needed to delete and re-do the path from the beginning. Thank you Silver-Streak for trying to understand what i had in mind of doing. I am trying to make a small neighborhood in which a character would go to each neighbor and meet each other for a project that i have at the uni and i would like for the user of the game to be able to look the entire neighborhood at all time. I read the first info about how GDevelop works and watched some basic tutorials, but as i have absolutely no idea of any coding language and way of thinking, it’s hard for me to even pick the right tutorial to watch. Thank you all once more for the time and understanding.