Can i create a fan-made gacha game? PLS HELP

So, in short words, my idea is to create a fan-game gatcha of multiple anime…

Tecnically speaking, these are the main and tricky parts of this project:

  • first of all, i will clearly write (or something else) in the game that it is a FANMADE GAME, just to clearify (and hoping that this won’t create problems with copyright, or other things like this;
  • use online images for the characters (since i cant recreate them). I mean, image for the “icon” of that character and also i want to try to cut specific part of that anime episode to create the ulti of that character, before the effects are triggered (just like Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross ulti style);
  • for now, offline content… so story, boss, some events and other offline things… but also an “online” boss using the leaderboard extension. (i was thinking LATER to try, but not surely, to create an online pvp… But i repeat it’s just an idea because i’m not very confident with p2p multiplayer);
  • regarding the distribution, i was thinking about “not-official” release, because clearly i cant publish this game, because i use copyright anime images and “video”. So release with an apk from start, and every time there will be an update (i was thinking about MAYBE to create; a free online site, just for the news and the download of the latest version… but i’m not very considering this idea because it’s a unofficial game, and honestly i don’t know if i can do this)
  • least but not last, i want to know if i can insert ads in this game. If so, i’ll do it. Otherwise i won’t do it, no problem.

I want at the end to clearly say that if this idea will became reality, don’t expect some crazy gacha game, in terms of animations and other stuff like that, because i’m only one to develop that and i consider more the creation of characters or skills or other strategy things over the “decoration” part of the game, like animations and cool graphics. So, in short words, it will be the SIMPLEST gacha game, with the SIMPLEST art and the SIMPLEST of all… But with a group of good animes, not only one :slight_smile: . So, let me know if this is possible and what you guys think about this idea. Peace.

P.S. I have already thought about creating something that is mine personal (in terms of charachters and story… but i can’t do it at all because of the drawing, story, imagis, ecc

What is stopping you from making your own characters then? If you cannot create them yourself there are a lot of free assets out there plus the options you have with all the AI-created artwork specifically when it comes to anime art.

This seems to be contradictory. By writing that you are making a fan game you imply that you are not making the game for commercial purposes and that you are not interested in any profit which could be an argument for the copyright holder to not go against your project, but obviously you want to make profit with assets/content under copyright by adding ads.

I am not an expert in legal matters at all but just by reading your post it is obvious that this is not going to work - and you seem to know it as well.

For reference you can read here from actual lawyers:

Hey, thanks for the response.

Regarding the ads, i won’t take them into the game.

Regarding the creation of characters, i want to create something cool with some of the best animes out there, combining them into a simple gacha game. I thought about creating my personal characters, but if i’d do this, then i don’t respect my initial idea of creating a game with various anime characters. The main point is: if i CAN’T do it (i mean, i can’t use images and other things of anime characters), then i’ll try to use some IA images… But if i CAN do it (“legally” speaking), then why i’d not do it. At the end, i did this post on this forum just to know if i can create something like this. Hope you reply and thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

In particular, if i’ll have to use AI, could you give me some advice on which should i use? Preferably free and with no problem for commercial use…