Can i make a farming sim?

i want to make a game kinda like stardew valley and harvest moon but idk if i can
if yes,can you send me a link to a good tutorial?
if no,just tell me

It is possible but no tutorials.
The implementation is not that complicated actually.

For example to plant a vegetable you can just place sprites on the screen in the seed bed and when the guy go to sleep, just increase the value of a variable, then use the value of this variable to change the animation of the vegetable to display a different level of growth, then once the plant fully grown, you can choose to harvest in which case you can implement an inventory and remove the sprite.
Or, instead of placing and removing sprites, you could make the seed bed to change animation based on what is planted in the bed and if harvested or died.

Then, if you want weather to effect it as well, it is just an other variable to take in to account.
If you want it also watering and nutrients to effect the growth it is also just an other variable to take in to account when the program decide if the plant was grown or not and how much.

If you are new to game dev, what I just said probably makes no sense to you, in that case I recommend to start at the beginning first:

Good luck :+1: