Can I make a game similar to stardew on gdev 5?

So I had an idea to make a kind of 16 bit open welder game similar to stardew, really just the kinda aesthetic.
2d, 16 bit, “open world”.
I have the ideas… Its just, I have no knowledge of how to make it happen and the one preview, I guess one can call it, is 3d and a diagonal view.
I was wondering if I can get some help on figuring out how I can do this, and if you know of any tutorials that could help, that would be appreciated.

I also want to learn how to make a kinda storyboard citizens but one issue at a time.

So is it possible? Yes, absolutely.

Keep in mind this, though: Stardew Valley is not a single scene/open world simulated at once. Each time you see the camera stop/fade to black/fade back in, it’s loading a new “zone”.

So your farm’s exterious is one zone. The cave is another zone. The House is another zone. Any buildings you build are another zone. The bus stop is another zone. The main town is another one, etc.

It would probably be a huge combination of global variables (day, season) a bunch of variables around your planets, a set of variables, timers, and events for each citizen, etc.

But functionally there isn’t anything in stardew valley that you wouldn’t be able to do in GD5, I don’t think.


Like Silver’s post, Startdew Valley is a lot of things in one game. Everything is definitely doable in GDevelop (dialogue plugin will be out of beta one day), but what’s the most important mechanic that you want to do first?

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Honestly, where to start. I cant figure out how to even begin. Especially considering the tutorial examples arent similar to what I wish to create.
I dont know how to make the flat world with flat characters, the borders that stop them from phasing through the objects, (which i’m assuming will have many parts).
Like,i don’t even know how to enter a background

To summarize first,
The characters with collision/boxes that collide with walls are one grid of square, you can (at first) make it using an 8-Direction behaviour with high acceleration and disable rotation. Use events to simulate the 8-direction control, since Stardew use WASD by default. (custom controls is possible, but it can be done later)
Then, make wall collisions, and make an event that has, “If player’s box colliding with wall’s box, serparate player’s box from wall”:

Here’s a picture from my current project to visualize, note that there is no sprite graphic yet.

And a little gif:
The red moving box is the player, the yellow is an enemy, the white is an NPC.

You may noticed that Stardew Valley characters are 2-grid tall, so basically we need to create a sprite object that will always be the same position as the collision/boxes above. The sprite is the one that looks pretty, but the one-grid size boxes are what does the interactions.
I don’t have any art yet so cannot show you how this looks like.

Hope that explains a little, although I’m a bit vague with 8-direction Behaviour.
If there’s something you didn’t understand I can give examples from my project.

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I would also say that, despite the tutorials not matching what you’re looking for, you should 100% complete all 3 of the tutorials at the top of this page:

You will want to understand the basics of the game engine before you try to build something with as many systems as Stardew. Jumping right in to SDV will make you become frustrated, or worse, make you realize you did something wrong after you’re halfway through and need to restart.