Can I make a game using GDevelop for both iOS and Android?

I’m certain this question is most likely been asked before but my search results in the forum are rather limited and the ones I did find so far aren’t as straight forward about it…

Anyhow though…I love what I am seeing so far but my question is that I am wondering if you could tell me or at least point me in the right direction if it’s possible to develop a game on this and make it work on iOS and Android platforms (mobile)? Or would I be better off persuing this elsewhere? I would really like to help support this software if it does.

You can’t export directly from GDevelop to iOS and Android.
You can export to HTML5 so you can use services such as IntelXDK and CocoonJS to export your HTML5 game to iOS and Android.

IntelXDK website:
CocoonJS website:

Ah okay, I believe that will work in my favor then since I’m already enjoying this and that would then make it possible to send it there afterwards it appears based on what’ve said above. Thanks!