Can i make kalimba app in this engine?

Hi. I just want make kalimba player, like “keylimba”.
I would like to know how to make the kalimba tongue shake when you press the touchscreen so that you can extract the sound. And so for each tongue and each has its own note. Thanks for the help!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
You will need to record the sounds using a real instrument, or get sound samples from a software or a website.
Then, in GDevelop, you’ll say: if such tongue object is pressed, play such sound.

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You could also have the touched kalimba key move up a little bit and then back down in the y direction so that it looks like it’s being pressed. And also have a shadow effect at the bottom of each key that fades when pressed and then comes back as the key moves back to its original position.

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Hi! what actions need to be done in the event bar so that when the kalimba key is touched, it moves up and then down in the Y direction so that it looks like it is pressed. And also have a shadow effect at the bottom of each key that disappears when pressed and then returns when the key returns to its original position? :slight_smile: or is there a video somewhere where I can watch this principle. it’s very similar to pressing a button in a “clicker game”. but on YouTube I didn’t find a detailed video about animation and texture replacement when hovering over an object …(

Hi Plegaci, I’ve made a very simple version. When any kalimba key is pressed its Y position changes and when it’s released it moves back to its original Y position.
Each key has a shadow effect that is turned off when a key is pressed.

I’ve explained things in the screenshot. When you get more familiar with GDevelop you can experiment with Tweens. A tween will change the object property over a period of time instead of instantly like I’ve done here. The actual preview looks better than the gif recording shown.

There might be better ways to do the movement and shadow and if there is I’m sure someone will comment here. Good luck and just come back here if you have any questions. :smiley:

You will probably need to have the kalimba sounds as their own events separate from the visual effects.


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