Can I make leaderboard on steam?

hi all :slight_smile:

Can I make leaderboard on steam ?
and how ?
Firebase, does it work on steam ?
or gdevelops leaderboards ? they work only on ?

Both firebase and liluo leaderboards work on any platform.

which is better ? :grinning:
what are differences between them ?
what do you suggest for steam ?

That’s up to you to decide

Not sure how the game being on steam or anywhere else matters

Liluo is made for leaderboards and is fully free, you can add them quickly to your game and be confident that they will work forever and be as
cheatproof as a leaderboard can be. Firebase is not a leaderboards service, but provides a database upon which you can build your own realtime leaderboards with a very generous free quota. If you want additional customisation or features that liluo doesn’t provide, like getting the current player’s best score to display in-game, or having realtime updating leaderboards, or do not want to depend on the GDevelop company, firebase is a better option, as long as you are ready to pay the price of having to learn how to use firebase’s database, create and maintain a leaderboards system, and make it secure and scalable by yourself, without having GDevelops full time team of professional software engineers doing all that for you. You may also have to pay for the storage of your scores if your games grows very very much on firebase.