Can I Use Two Different Videos in the Same Scene

I am creating an educational narrative game and it would be helpful for me to be able to using several videos in the same scene. Any tips or workarounds regarding that? GDevelop tells me there’s no way to achieve that same!

Thanks for your help!

I haven’t tried it. But are you sure that it is true ? What I read is that “For a GIVEN video ressource, only on video will be played in memory and displayed”. Which as understand as : One specific video can only be played once at a time (sort of… You can have 2 or more, but they would be synchronised)

Have you tried creating 2 different video objects, each with its own video ?

2 playing at the same time or one video replaces the other?

One video replayces the other., I’ll try it out now!

well there isnt a way to change the source of the video so you would have to have the videos overlaping each other in the editor and at the start of the scene pause all the videos and resume the one you want to play
you would also want to make sure that the one you are playing is the only one showing, you can do this using the hide action on the non-playing videos and the show action on the playing videos hope this makes sense and helps : )

I want to use the videos in different branches of yarn. The first video comes with its own set of events, so it would be useful if there was a way to make the video a variable (or assign one to it) and make the event sheet process both the videos!

BTW, thanks for your help!


no prob, put in a feature request and hope they add the ability to change the file resource that is used.