can not open zip files on this forum

Hi, I downloaded a zip file from this forum but when I’m trying to open it in Win 7 I receive the error message:
“Windows cannon open the folder.
The Compressed (zipped) Folder xxx is invalid”
The link to topic with the downloaded archive “”:

Are you using default windows unzip options? If so, this is crap (as rest of Windows). Try using something like WinRAR or 7-zip to unzip it. Those have more sophisticated error correction algorithms.

I tried 7zip. It found 2 errors and after unzipping archive I just got an empty project file (Game.gdg 0Kb) which can’t be opened in GD.

Yes, I get a 0Kb file too, try to download the file from this topic:
[url]Example: "Press Fight"]

Another user with the same problem:
[url]Parallax scrolling - #9 by Spindraft]

I think it’s related to 4ian files :smiley:

Yes, I can open your archive file but not 4ian’s, which I would like to study. Maybe there are copy of his archives at some other location, wiki, for example?

I found those examples in GD (File-Open an example-“Level editor.gdg” and “Parallax scrolling.gdg”).


This was posted on June 2014, in January 2016 the zip it is still corrupt.