Can someone help me "translate" this?

I’m making a platformer where characters can attack. I’ve got a attacking animation while standing and got animations for running, but I don’t know how to make animations for attacking and running work.
Someone gave me an idea (thank you DarkSeed_78) but I’m fairly new to GDevelop 5 and I’m not sure how to implement it and which stuff should I use.

So, here’s the thing:
"I would use an object variable in this case
For the main character
When pressing right “isRunning”=1 and when “isRunning”=1 and attack is pressed, trigger the running-attack action
When not pressing right, return to “isRunning”=0
Pressing right must be nested inside the condition if “isRunning”=0
That´s important not to generate an animation conflict"

it will be easier if you post the events

wdym? (this sentence is for surpassing 20 character limit)

i mean your code, if you show it we can tell you what to change or if you post it could modify it

i guess “m” key is for firing, thw firing events should be subevents of m key pressed

I’ve tried doing this, but there’s a sprite conflict.
The running sprite overlaps shooting sprite

well thats why you must use the variables

So I should choose “Value of global variable”?

i think with scene variable would be enough
If you want you can.share your project and will fix It