Can someone help me with my Virtual pet game?

Hello! I hope you can help me. It is for my school project and I’ll present it in 2 weeks. I planned to make a virtual pet game. I made the png for the characters, buttons, background etc. However, I dont know how to start. I’ve never use gdevelop before and I can’t understand how to use it. Can you help me for the following:
The floor that the character will stand on, what will be the bahavior of it or how can I assign to be the floor
The buttons for each room, how can I make it move on another room
How can I add mini games in it and it will add money
I also plan it to be clicker game so it can help the user to earn more money
How can I add a store for the kitchen, and make my character to eat, sleep, bathe, etc?

I know it’s a lot but I badly needs it.

For the floor, you can use either the separate objects action, and run it on every frame, or if your pet character has the physics behaviour, you can add the physics behaviour to the floor, and change the type from dynamic to static.

To change room, you could use different animations for different backgrounds, and use the set animation by name (text) action to change which background, or for a different place, you can either change scenes, or make each room on the same layer, separate to the UI, and tween the camera position of the rooms layer, and put them all on one scene, side by side.

You can add mini games by making them in new scenes, and then making a global variable for the money. Then you can add to the global variable when you get money.

For the clicker aspect, you can use the button states behaviour on the clicker button, and if you want it to grant money, you can change the money global variable by adding one (or the amount of money you get from a click).

For the store, you can make a new scene, with each store item having the button states behaviour. You can make it when you click on it, the game checks your money level, and if you have enough to buy the item. If they do, subtract the cost of the item from the money global variable.

Making your character able to eat, sleep and bath is possible in different ways. You could make it so you can buy food from the shop, and feed it to the pet from either an inventory, or dragging and dropping, or other methods. This could decrease the hunger level/increase the pet’s energy level (if those exist within your game)

Making your pet sleep would be possible by making a button that puts your character to bed, or you could drag and drop them to a bed. This could increase the pet’s energy/decrease the pet’s tiredness level (if those exist too).

Making the pet be able to wash is pretty much the same story as the sleep one, you can make a button that makes your pet wash, which could increase/decrease certain levels.

If you want help, I’ve been using GDevelop for a while. You can reach out to me on discord, my username is @ourf

Hope this helps, and good luck with your game!