Can you make an online multiplayer game?

I’ve been thinking about making an online multiplayer game like Among Us or for example. Can I do this?

You can probably do it with peer to peer and using a server for matchmaking and connecting the games to each other.

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I’ll go on with the ask line and i want to ask you (because you are “the guy” on this) is it possible do a multiplayer game for 5 players, like among us (not the same for sure, just to compare the kind of game) without using javascript? just using what bring us the new features.

Yes, probably. What would be tricky to do is public rooms, as you would need some kind of unique server where to collect all open rooms and give the list to users. This could technically be possible with your own broker server I think, but still difficult. You can for sure do a private rooms system with up to 250 players using p2p, where you have one host that controls the game and the others are clients that connect to the host via it’s p2p ID.

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it means i have too much to investigate and learn haha, i don’t have any programing knowledge :grimacing: thanks a lot! I will try to learn and hope i find some way to do that