Can you pin the left hand UI panel?

Hello… the left hand side panel with Game Settings and Scenes is something I need to use ALL the time, to jump between scenes, check scene variables, global varoables, and yet it always pops out of the way when not in use.

Might there be a preference to keep it open?

Just a thought.
Rather than an “X” to close the window in its top bar, might it have a checkbox called “Keep open”. That way, if unchecked it’s behaviour would remain as is now, and disappear when I click off that area of the screen, but it’d stay open when checked.

There is no way to pin this drawer panel.
We know it’s something annoying, the product team is working on another UX design for this part of the UI.

If you want there is a global command panel in the app, you can open it by pressing CTRL+P.
And there is a shortcut to change scenes with ALT+S. <= that is neat and so powerful IMO.

Ah thank you… that’s very nice.