Can't export game

I can export my games

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You can attempt to export it manually if it doesn’t work, because GDevelop is kinda broken with exporting huge games, so manually exporting might work.

Is your game folder over ~200mb?

That is the maximum for the online build service. Anything at or over that is likely to time out.

If it is larger than that, you will need to follow the manual build process listed on the wiki.

You really should add a warning popup into GDevelop in the next update, that will warn you about the file being too huge to use the build servers.

I’m just a community member who also acts as moderator and not on the dev team.

If you would like to request a change to the external online build server, you are welcome to go through the full process of submitting a feature request as described here: Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

Keep in mind the external online build server is not part of the engine itself. It is an external service offered by the gdevelop company, it is linked in the export panel as a convenience feature for folks, with increased builds amounts per day for folks who subscribe. The size limits could change at any time, and the details I provided above are available all throughout the forums.

Additionally, we still need the actual original poster to confirm if that is actually the issue they are having. So please feel free to go through the proccess above if you would like to request something, but it isn’t really relevant to this thread.