Can't figured out about bar level {Solved}

I cant figured how make bar level increase and descrease

so basically i wanna add 5 increase each progression whit a different color bar

each progression whill change the color, but i make something wrong


if i add 2 level bar whit a different color, will work about increase and decrease change color to blue to blood, because they know about less and greater

if i add 3 bar level is making wrong color, when i start game is blue instead is blood

how can i make working whit 3 bar level each progression

note: is just like health bar but i changed to silence

You’ve got the events in the wrong order; the check that Silence < 34 happens before the check for Silence < 69.

However, if Silence is < 34, it will always be < 69. So the second event will always be actioned if the first is true.

Try the following event order instead:

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its works but i need use trigger one on objects, animation and sound

I fixed and some changes. Thank you, its works really good