Can't get jump to work in 3D, HELP!


Is that all of your code

No there is more. I’m not by a computer ATM.

OK can you send a picture of the rest of the code

wait platformer behavior can solve this

No platformer behavior does not work in 3d

There should be a separate object from platforms which is what code you are looking for

The “floor” sprite has no collission with the player, the are standing on the ground of the base layer

What I’m saying is add the condition I mentioned to your floor sprite and it should work

I did and the game world became a jittery mess

Have you tryed looking at the 3d first person example it has the 3d jump you will just have to implement the code

(sorry if I keep trying different things I know some stuff for 3d but I am not the best at it)

I looked at the 3D first person template and copied the events and extensions, doesn’t seem to work.

Hm I don’t know then sorry I could not help