Can't Make an Android Build

Apology 😔

First of All, I really want to Apologize for the accusation I had made on the Online Build Service for Android in this thread as I now think that the problem was from my side.

In my opinion it is doing its job quite well.
(I found it by doing an offline build)

Now The Main Problem

I have been trying now for a week to prepare an Android build of my game and now I am exhausted.😫

My game is actually a mod/extension of the Example Down Hill Bike Demo.

Till now I have made/modified:

  • A Main Menu Scene
  • 2 Levels
  • A layer, in each level, which is dedicated to Pause related buttons

I have also shifted the Events contained in the Original Level to an External Event called Basic Setup.
I have tried the web browser based build and the Online Preview (over Wifi/LAN). In that I saw that the buttons for Mobile (Controls) were not visible and were actually shifted to the left (Maybe due to Anchoring problems which I have fixed now)

Anyone, please help me with this. :cry:

Hello. I actually don’t see what exact problem you’re pointing out. Is it the anchoring (Which was fixed according to the statement) or something like you cant open your app? Please specify.

As per the title, unable to make a build of Android
You can even see the previous thread in the Apology Section or click here

Can you provide a screenshot?

Which part would you like to see?

The part where you export the game

I just read the thread, is it the same problem? (the black screen after Gdev logo)

Yes, Obviously
It is still Black Screening
And I don’t accept that the there will be a 2.6 MB .apk file against a 36 MB .exe file
Somewhere some kind of compilation is not occuring

I don’t think its related with the build. What version of android did your app was installed?

Actually Apk and Exe are different, that’s why they have different sizes.

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I tested it on an Android 4.4 and an Android 10+
Alas! Both same result

Did the test went well on Android 10? how about Android 4.4?

I already replied, see☝
I want my game to be a universal Android app which works on any version

Alright. It’s difficult debugging in here. Just send your project here and I’ll see what’s the problem with it. I’ll update in here immediately if solution is found.

I am really thankfull to you @Stoicorum :heart_eyes:
Here, get the project from here.

From that link you will be opening a Google Drive Page:-

The GFX Folder is the actual resources folder of the project.
Contains both, the .json file and the built app called Hilly Biking.apk.

Alright, I’ll look into it tomorrow morning

I don’t know when your morning comes in my clock/watch but ok, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: please try for me

I don’t see any problems your APK works fine for me on my redmi 5:

Alright, may be I have a corrupted installation.

I will try again and tell if it works for me too😉

I have observed that the game increases great amount of RAM consumption.
How can I fix performance issues for Android and even make it compatible to be played in lower Android versions.

Please can anyone of you suggest me a good article on performance of making of GDevelop Games and Android Compatibility issues and how to fix them…:pleading_face:

Open the wiki, and in the search box, write “performance”. :slight_smile: