Can't Preview the game

Whenever i try to preview my game in the Gdevelop Remote app I get to see this-

Pls tell me a solution for this.

Hi abc, if you say what you’ve tried then the experts will be better able to help you. For example:

Did you try to preview that game on a different device?
Did you try to preview other games?
Did you try a different browser?
Did you restart GDevelop and then try again?
Did you do a search for the error and see if the results related to your circumstances?

Remembering that it is necessary the phone is connected on the same network as the editor and probably will be necessary to enable the firewall of your PC to allow the connection.

ok, so i tried to preview on different device, preview other games , restarted Gdevelop but nothing worked
but when I type the same thing on google then it works. it is not working in the gdevelop app.
one more thing is that when I copy and paste the the url it does not work but I have to type it.(in any browser)

Wait, just to be clear, what are you talking about when you say “Gdevelop app”?

There is no such thing as a GDevelop app for android. There is only the desktop version and the web version. If you have downloaded something labeled “Gdevelop” from the google app store it is a fake and may be what is causing you issues.

sorry, I mean to say this-

The Gdevelop Remote app

Yes, as mentioned, this is not a GDevelop made app, nor supported through this forum.

It is actually breaching the license of GDevelop by using the GDevelop name and logo, which are not part of the open source license.

If it isn’t working there isn’t really any assistance we can provide here. If you want to preview your game you will need to use Network preview in the desktop app, and then manually type the full URL in your browser (while the phone is on teh same wifi network as the computer, not on mobile internet)

ok sir ,
thanks for helping me :slightly_smiling_face:

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but when I preview it on google in pc-

it shows Not secure…Why?

Because it isn’t? You don’t have an SSL server or certificate for your PC, and it’s meant to be used on the internal network only.

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