Can't search new behaviors in China

Can’t load the extension registry. Verify your internet connection or try again late.
Could you change your servers to ones that can access through GFW?

I know this is a inappropriate request. Just a try.

Have an issue with other features?

  • Export build
  • Update GDevelop


I can’t creat account and update.

GDevelop online services depends on github, Amazon web services and firebase, and firebase depends on google. GitHub is for downloading extensions, and all the other services are provided through the other dependencies.

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I’m not sure about how we could make these endpoints available from China. Any help is welcome - provided that this complies with laws from this country.

It’s not stable to use VPN, sometimes it still can’t connect. In the previous version, the search behavior function can be used. It seems that it can’t be used after 2020.

If you cannot connect, you cannot export the version or update GDevelop.