Can't select objects - GDevelop issues on Mac OS

Hello there GDevelop community.

I’m just starting to learn GDevelop for the first time so I’m not sure if the problem is the program or me :sweat_smile:.

The problem seems pretty simple. When I add an instance of an object to the scene, I will click outside of it or do some other work (add behaviours, rename an object etc.) and then come back to find that I can no longer select the objects on the scene. I click them but nothing. The property inspector doesn’t update, the object isn’t selected, I can’t move it, delete, resize, nothing. It could very well be something I’m doing wrong, but if I am, I have no clue where it is I’m screwing things up.

I’m working on the platform game tutorial from GDevelop itself so I don’t believe I’m doing anything out of the ordinary.

Here’s my setup:
-GDevelop 5.0.0-beta83
-macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6

Let me know if there is any additional info I can offer to help with answers.

Looking forward to learning more about GDevelop!


I don’t know if it’s a mac bug or not because I use the window version anyway try to click on the icon (8th icon on the top right panel) that open the instances list and try to click on one of the istances, the sprite will appear selected from a rectangle on it, close the instances list and check if in the property panels on the left have the instances infos and if in it the checkbox Lock position/angle in the editor is checked, unckeck it and do the same process with the other instances.

Hey Venom,

Thanks so much for the response. I didn’t get the opportunity to try that, but what I did do was update Mojave to Catalina on my Mac and it appears the issue isn’t there… for now. I will certainly keep your advice handy if this happens again.

Thanks so much :+1:

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Hello friend!

I had the same problem. To solve it, press the Function key (fn) and you’ll be able to select objects again.

Hey all! I just figured out my issue! So I had the same problem, usually after using Piskel. To solve it, press CTRL+V when in the normal scene (pasting whatever you copied in Piskel, won’t do anything). Also, you can use the spacebar when in the scene editor to pan the view around, instead of middle mouse button. Hope this helps!