Can't upload the game online anymore

For two months, now, I can’t upload my game to websites (namely GameJolt and NewGrounds) without it not working. It’s the level select scene, specifically. When people click on the options of the main menu, it works. But when they try to click on the options for Level Select, suddenly it doesn’t work. The scene doesn’t change and they can’t start the game.

It’s worked when I tested the file on the desktop app. It works when I run it through the debugger. It doesn’t work when I upload it on the websites. I’ve tried to fix it up and it’s still not working.

I can’t just take out the level select scene (at least not for the final build), because that’s going to be necessary for the final build.

Has anyone else been having this problem? Does anyone know what I can do about it?

EDIT: I had to change the script in the main menu to get the game to finally work, but the problem isn’t solved. I don’t understand why on menu scene works and the other doesn’t when they’re programmed similar.

Can you screen snip the sets of events for each scene?

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You likely are using a community extension that was badly coded and crashes on some platforms. Try to open the JavaScript console and search for an error (red message, not yellow). The name of the function causing the crash should hint you at the action/condition at fault.

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Thanks for waiting. I double-checked to make sure that I wasn’t using an extension, so that can’t be it. I think it might be tied to how I set up the Level Unlock aspect of the code.

The idea is that, when you beat a level, the next level unlocks. It would also act as a checkpoint, so when you return to the game, the next level is still unlocked so you wouldn’t have to reply the first level to unlock the next one again.

I should mention that what you see right now is what I wrote within the last couple of days. It was a bit simpler before, but wasn’t working.
The code isn’t complete yet. I’m still building it and tinkering around.

I tried to figure out the problem again, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

What I tried to do was, instead of one Global variable to control the levels’ Locked/Unlocked state, I tried to assign a global boolean to each one that would unlock when I beat the previous level.

Just like before, the level selection doesn’t respond when I upload the game online. I can use the buttons to flicker between the level selections, but when I press the button to confirm the selection for the first level, it doesn’t take me to the next scene/room or otherwise respond.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with the “Saving exists in storage GameSlot01” condition and actions. Can anyone look at that and see if there’s something I did wrong there? Or if there’s a different way to program storage?