Can't use spine bounding box?

I want to create a collision mask for the spine object, but I can’t.
I tried to create spine-bounding-boxes, but I can’t use them in Gdevelop.

Bounding box attachments - Spine User Guide

Is there any way to modify the collision mask?

Is it possible for additional features to be added later?

Yes. In the editor open the sprite and at the bottom left is a button to edit collision masks:


When the Edit collision masks panel comes up, click the button to use a custom collision mask:


You can then add vertices. You can modify the collision mask by click and dragging the red points/vertices on the image on the right in the editor.

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Thank you for your response.
However, what I want to know is if it’s possible to modify the collision mask on a ‘spine object’

It seems like this feature has not been added yet.