Cards utilities

I wrote a three card utilities. The program use the array extension (thanks @arthuro555 ).
If you need it, you can download here:


Can you briefly explain what that is, what people can use it for? :slight_smile:

I wrote it because sometimes I read on this forum someone asks how to shuffle a deck of cards and how to choose one card at a time.
My example is not a game, it is helpful to copy and paste the code into your games.
there are three features:
1 - at the beginning: the system populates an array with 52 cards (13 for each sign)
2 - pressing the first button, the system shuffles the cards
3 - pressing the second button, the system moves a card from the first deck to the second and shows you the card in a text object. You can do this 52 times (obviously)

While I think this is a cool idea, I do want to point out that the Object Stack extension is designed for things like card decks/card hand usage, and has been built out with some examples:

Not saying there isn’t use for what’s you provided here, but may be worthwhile to look at these two examples for the stack extension (or at least reference for anyone else looking for how to build that out):

I do think showing folks how to do it via arrays is still useful, so again, this isn’t a knock on what was built/provided above at all.