Looking for example of "Card Swipe" mechanic like Reigns

My kids & I like card games like Reigns. They simple, super casual, have a replay value. The kids have some game ideas I would like to help them with.

Q: Could someone point me towards a simple, demo example card-swipe project I could use a reference?

Our exported target would be to Mobile (Android), Web, PC/Mac. Regardless of the platform, I would want the “swipe” to be done via a real swipe, controller, WASD or cursor arrows – as we use Android, Steam Deck, Yoga touchscreen laptops, and gaming rigs.

I searched the forums for “card swipe” and found nothing.

Searching for “Solitaire”, where I did find the card utilities someone shared - but the Google Drive files are no longer available. The other post’s links appear to be for a example classic tabletop card games: Card Stack and Klondike Solitaire

I’ve found the swipe-gesture community extension documentation which is great. However I’m still very new to using GDevelop and would a demo/example if possible.

Thanks in advance. Cheers.