Cartridge or Disc transport

Is it possible to transport our games code and stuff into a cartridge or disc to put into a computer or console and if it is I would like to know

Disc types and other common storiage media like usb and sd should be no problem. Simply copy (“transport”) your files on it just like you would do with other files.

For cartridges: I don’t know which type of cartridges do you mean, maybe these for the NGB, N64 consoles?
I guess just the “transport” of data to cartridges could be possible (depending of the filesize of course) but it requires some special gadgets and it can be a bit difficult.
It would be cheaper to just use modern SD cards.

nintendo switch cartridges

Cartridges just store data. You could absolutely put your game onto any media you want.

That has nothing to do with whether it’s PLAYABLE on a console. The answer to that is no, because the Switch doesn’t support HTML5 games.

You’d need to rebuild your source code into a renderer and format that is supported on the destination console. (This is true for all currently available consoles)

For PC/Mac/Linux, that’ll be a different story, and will work fine on discs.

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ok, so it’s possible but its just gonna be a lot of work rebuilding it into a renderer so it can be supported?

Into a render and probably an entirely different programming language I suppose

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I don’t have a switch to test it but:
is it possible to play even the games on on the Switch with a browser?
(Has the Switch even a build in browser?)
If yes: a link file could be created on a custom-Switch-cartridge which can open the browser/the link to the page game.
Well, a working cartridge could be simulated that way for personal use and collection?

That would require internet connection to play the game, but it could be an easy workarround?

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