Cash shop for non mobile game?

Is it possible to have a cash shop in a game made in gdevelop 5 and sold on steam?

I looked into the shopify option but that seemed to be geared more to linking to an online shop that sold real items.

I also looked into In App Purchases (IAP), but that seemed to be only for mobile games.

So to rephrase the question, is it possible to have a shop in game that the player buys digital items for real money without the game being on mobile devices?

Thank you all for any help you can offer.

Non mobile platforms don’t have any systems for making purchases, you would have to make your own website where players can make purchases.

You could use firebase for the account system and use their database Firestore to either

  1. See purchases made and redeem the content in game.


  1. Store that players save online and modify the player save directly from the shop server