Cast Shadow

How do I give the character a shadow thats to the side of it, very close, like in Mario Maker?

Hi again!, I was just about to remark that you’ve already asked for it two times before, but then I noticed that now you are asking for something more specific.

If you want a shadow from a sprite object, I have a cool idea that just come into my mind:
You have your sprite Player, copy and paste it and rename this copy object as Shadow, this Shadow has the same images and animations than Player, put one instance of Player and one instance of Shadow in the scene. Now, at the beginning of the scene set the global color of Shadow = “0;0;0” to turn it black, and set its opacity = 100 (semi transparent). Finally, at each frame set the animation and frame of the Shadow = the animation and frame of the Player, and put the Shadow behind the Player, with a little offset, here is an example: (16 KB)

  • Each time you modify the Player (or before release your game), you’ll have to delete the old Shadow (keep the events!), and recopy the Player, again rename the copy as Shadow and put an instance in the scene.
  • This works for dark shadows only, because you can’t make a sprite brighter than the original sprite (global color = “255;255;255” set the original color). To make a white shadow you should copy every player image again, set the image as white in e.g. GIMP, and copy every original player animation in the shadow object, but with the white images :neutral_face:
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